How I Miss Thee, Beast and Goodbye Ohio…

As I mentioned in my previous post, there are three bands responsible for my obsession with Akron music.  I wrote about Trouble Books in that one…this one is dedicated to two bands that are no longer with us: Goodbye Ohio and Beast.

Sometime in early October, 2005, my friend Vita told me about a free show at the Pain Hate Pain tattoo shop in Highland Square.  The show featured Matt & Kim (yes, that Matt & Kim…years before you could hear their music in Bacardi commercials), Goodbye Ohio and a group of Firestone students going by the name of There Be Dragons.  I arrived just in time to hear the last thirty seconds of Goodbye Ohio’s final song of the set, “A Page Over the Line”…and that was all I needed.  Immediately after they tore down their gear, I approached frontman Scott Hartlaub and asked “Do you guys have a CD I can buy?”  To which he replied, “Hell yeah, buddy!”  and then proceeded to tell me about the house show they would be playing in a few days at the Diamond Shiners’ House.  This was when I realized that there was good music in Akron.  For the next two years, I made it a point to catch Goodbye Ohio every time they played (sure, I missed a few here and there, but it’s the thought that counts…).  Unfortunately, after two EPs, a few scattered non-album tracks and a cut on Audio Eagle’s A Compilation of Bands from Ohio, Goodbye Ohio called it quits.  Scott has given up guitar in favor of the banjo (I have still yet to see his new project, Bad Steel), his brother, drummer Mick Hartlaub, has relocated to Cleveland and bassman Ian Marshall now runs a recording studio.

But, I place my obsession solely on the shoulders of this band (not to mention the fact that I would meet one of my best friends [Kate] because of her finding me on their MySpace page…so, thanks for that as well, fellas).

A few weeks after my first Goodbye Ohio show, me and Kate went to a Halloween house show which featured the debut of Beast, a supergroup of sorts featuring Goodbye Ohio’s Mick on guitar, Matt Haas (Good Morning Valentine) on bass, Houseguest drummer Steve Clements on keys and Adam Goldman on drums (and, at the time, a singer who you could never hear…after a month or so, they decided to be purely instrumental).  I was blown away.  I’m not into metal (with the exceptions of Slayer, Maiden and maybe a few others)…but I sure as hell was into Beast.  I don’t even know if you can call Beast metal…but, they were heavy as all hell and rocked the shit out of everyone who has ever been to one of their shows.  I found it impossible to watch Beast from anywhere other than directly in front of one of their ginormous amps at the front of the stage (this, along with 12 years of playing drums are directly responsible for my shitty hearing).  But, like Goodbye Ohio, Beast was too good to last.  they played their last show at the beginning of 2008 at Thursdays.  But, I always take comfort in the fact that I was there for their first and last shows (as well as the majority of those in between).  As mentioned above, Scott has sworn off guitar; Matt is currently in Dunes featuring Hell’s Information’s Brad Thorla and my buddy Vita; Steve is still with Houseguest and more recently, Drummer (featuring the Black Keys’ Pat Carney and other Akron drummers [hence the name]); and, last I heard, Adam relocated to Europe.

And since these two bands are no longer with us (and most of their stuff is out of print)…here’s everything I have by Goodbye Ohio and Beast’s 2007 release, Power Animal.


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One Response to “How I Miss Thee, Beast and Goodbye Ohio…”

  1. Hell yeah dude. I miss that music so much. I have that 5 song CD beast put out whenever they did, and I have played it for pretty much everyone I know, regardless of their taste in music. The reaction is always the same: Damn, there’s a lot going on here, this is good!

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