Unit 5

Earlier this week, I finally found the time to convert my vinyl copy of Akron’s Unit 5’s lone album, Scared of the Dark.  Released in 1981 on Nick Nicholis’ Clone Records, the album is an overlooked pop masterpiece (they sound a bit like Blondie, only better [in my opinion]).  I wish I could tell you more about it, but I cannot find any information on it anywhere (I couldn’t even find a picture of the album cover to post with this blog!).  But, I can tell you, it’s definitely worth 40 minutes of your time…so, I have uploaded the full album for your listening pleasure.

01. “No Ones Girl”

02. “Big Kids”

03. “Mental State”

04. “Ready”

05. “Decisions”

06. “Like Lovers Feel”

07. “Go Ahead and Kiss Her”

08. “Fickle Hearts”

09. Gracefully and Ladylike”

10. “Lucky Charms”

11. “Believe It”

12. “Scared of the Dark”


~ by rickbenedum on 11/21/2009.

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